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Vaping and Your Vape Juice

You’re taking a walk through the city, enjoying the ambiance when ahead on the sidewalk, you see someone blow out an enormous cloud and think to yourself, “Great. Now my clothes, my hair, everything will smell like cigarettes!” You approach the cloud quickly, attempting to get through it and on with your day, when you notice something different. A sweet smell, and a quick dissipating cloud. What on Earth was that?

Ladies and gentlemen, that was vaping. Let’s talk about it.

With a modern history dating to 1963 — with roots credited to ancient Greek historian Herodotus as far back as the fifth century BC — this isn’t a new, passing fad, but rather a long-dormant market experiencing the biggest boom it has ever seen. So, what, exactly, is vaping?

Modern vaping is the practice of using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or personal vaporizer to inhale the water vapor they produce. Equipped with a heating coil and atomizer or cartomizer, these battery powered e-cigarettes vaporize the vape juice that is loaded into it, with a near infinite number of flavors and nicotine levels available for user customization.

One of the immediately noticeable differences between vaping and smoking is the smell of the emission, but the differences go far deeper than that. Rather than igniting plant material to combustion and inhaling the resulting carcinogenic smoke, e-cigarettes vaporize the glycerin-based liquid that the user loads into the tank, resulting in a far loss toxic — and often far better tasting — intake for the user.

Another fantastic difference is the amount of wasted byproduct passed to the user. Rather than a cardboard box wrapped in cellophane with twenty butts to throw on the ground, an e-cigarette or personal vaporizer is fit for continual reuse, able to come in and out of your pocket at your desire, with no need to venture out for the nearest ashtray or risk becoming a litterer.

More important to most users than the improving options for customization, quick dissipating clouds, and minimal environmental impact is the improvement they feel in personal health. Studies done by Public Health England, the American Heart Association, Royal College of Physicians and the Spanish Council of Scientific Research all paint vaping as a less-destructive act than smoking, with Public Health England saying the activity is “at least 95%” safer than the act of smoking tobacco.

Now that you’re familiar with what vaping is, are you ready to try it for yourself?

What You Need to Know About PG vs VG ratios

PG and VG are the two main ingredients in most vape juices. Vape jucie is utilized in e-cigarettes (vaporizers) in order to produce thick and rich water vapor which has satisfying “throat hit”. However, different brands of e-juice have different ratios of PG and VG. Today, we’re going to share some important facts about PG and VG ratios. Once you know that facts, you’ll have the inside scoop on PG vs VG.

Basic Facts About PG and VG

These vape liquids do not have any odor and they are mixed with nicotine and flavor in order to make e-liquids. Some vape juice is available in nicotine-free versions. Also, the vape juice with nicotine are typically available with different nicotine levels. VG and PG are part of the chemical class, alcohol, but they don’t cause intoxication!

Lots of people refer to e-juice as “oil”. However, it’s not actually oil, so it doesn’t have the risk factors which are associated with oil inhalation, such as the risk of developing lipoid pneumonia. E-juices create vapor when they are heated up. This allows them to be inhaled by e-cig users.

PG and VG have different consistencies. They also taste a little bit different. Each ingredient in e-juice causes a characteristic throat and mouth sensation during vaping. The best ratio preferred by most is 80:20 which is the standard vape juice available here at eliquid depot. Typically, e-juices have a mixture of both, but the ratio will vary widely from brand to brand. As well, you should know that certain types of vaporizers are designed to be used with particular levels of PG and VG.

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